Homemade Soup of the Day (C)  €4.50

Served with brown bread.


Homemade Fish Chowder (C)  €5.50

Served with brown bread.


Prawn in Pastry  €9

Sautéed shrimp in a leek & bacon cream Sauce served in a pastry shell.


Ricotta Mushrooms (V) (C)  €6

Mushrooms filled with a creamy ricotta cheese & spinach, coated in a tomato sauce & 

Baked in the oven.


Crostini Della Casa  €6

Toasted French bread topped with pesto, Parma ham & mozzarella cheese with salad garnish.


Garlic Bread €4

Garlic Bread & Cheese  €4.50


Goats Cheese Salad (V) (C) no bread - Starter €7 - main course €13

Melted goats cheese on a bed of cranberry, dicedpeppers & toasted bread with salad garnish.


Feta Cheese Salad (V) (C)  - Starter €7 - main course €12

Feta cheese with olives, tomatoes, on a bed of mixedleaves, drizzled with balsamic vinegar.


Caesar Salad (C) no croutons - Starter €8 - main course €14

Strips of char grilled chicken on Cos lettuce with parmesan cheese, croutons & Caesar dressing.


Pasta Dishes

Penne Pollo Fungi €10

Pieces of chicken pan fried with mushrooms, coated in a tomato & cream sauce, tossed with penne pasta.


Penne Asparagus (V)  €10

Sautéed mushrooms with fresh asparagus & spinach in a cream sauce tossed with penne pasta.


Alla Genovese  €10

Pan fried pieces of chicken in a creamy pesto sauce with mixed peppers & red onion, tossed 

with tagliatelle pasta.


Pollo Soporito  €10

Pieces of chicken pan fried with bacon, mushroom, Onions & white wine all on a bed of tagliatelle pasta


Wraps: - Chicken €10 - Beef €10 - Vegetable €9

Mixed vegetable & mushrooms in a chilli sauce wrapped in a tortilla, on a bed of salad, served with spicy wedges.


Lasagne:  - Vegetarian (V) €7 - Meat €8

Served with fries.


Chicken Farmer Style (C) €10

Potatoes, onions, bacon & chicken, all sautéed together & topped with a fried egg.


Crespelle (V) €10

Rolled pancakes filled with broccoli, avocado, mange tout & mushrooms, topped with cheese & baked in the oven in a cream & tomato sauce, served with fries.


Ham & Mushroom Vol-au-Vent  €10

Ham & mushrooms in a cream sauce in a vol-au-vent shell. Served with mixed salad & fries.



Stir Fry:  Chicken €10 -  Beef €10 - Vegetable €9

Mixed vegetables stir fried in a soya sauce & hidden flavours. Served with aborio rice.


Mixed Grill €11

Bacon, Irish Steak & sausages served with grilled tomato. Sautéed mushrooms & sautéed potatoes.


Fish Pie (C)  €10

Selection of mixed fish together in a cream & leek sauce, piped with mash potatoes & baked in the oven, served with mixed salad. 


Fish of the Day €11

served with Vegetables & Potatoes


Cottage Pie (C) €9

Our own special recipe, served with vegetables or salad.


Fish Stew (C)  €12

Traditional mixed seafood in a stew with potatoes & carrots.(Please allow 20 mins cooking time)


Homemade Burger €11

100% Irish beef burger topped with a rasher,

Poached egg and Hollandaise sauce. Served 

With mixed salad & fries.


Steak Baguette  €11

Baguette filled with strips of Irish sirloin steak 

(medium) & sautéed onions. Served with fries.

Side Orders

Fries  €3.50

Vegetables of the Day (C) €3.50

Potatoes of the Day (C)  €3.50

Mixed Salad (C)  €4

Green Salad (C)  €4

Rocket Salad (C)  €4.50

Cherry tomatoes, parmesan shavings & balsamic vinegar.



2 Course €15.00 or 3 Course €20.00


Homemade Soup or Chowder (C)

Prawn Cocktail (C)

Calamari Rings

Chicken Goujons (spicy) (C)

On a fan of melon 



Roast of the Day (C) 

Catch of the Day (C) 

Risotto Chorizo

Mushroom & Spanish chorizo in a cream sauce, Arborio rice, parmesan shavings & white truffle oil

Pork Belly & Lamb Chop

In a Madeira sauce

Chicken Stew

Served in a cataplana



Please ask for selection


Weekly Specials


Chicken & pistachio Pate €8

Homemade chicken & Pistachio Pate with pickled vegetables served with toasted white bread.



Lamb Shank €10 

Braised Westport Lamb Shank with rosemary & red wine sauce.

Penne Amatriciana €10

Onions, bacon, chilli & black olives in a tomato sauce all tossed with Penne pasta (spicy)


Vegetarian’s please choose from our a la a carte menu

V = Vegetarian C = Coeliac

If you have a special dietary requirements please do not hesitate to ask for advice.